By ordering goods from Handelshuset Vega or by using you accept that we process your personal data according to the below- mentioned data and cookie policy.





Handelshuset Vega is the data controller for the  personal information stored and processed by us and we are thus responsible for, that your personal data is handled with care and according to the Data Protection Regulation GDPR.


Our customers personal data

Handelshuset Vega needs a number of data to be able to trade with you and your company. The data we store is solely the information we have received from you. We donīt collect additional data from third parties.


We store the following data:

Your companyīs name, your personal name, the address of your company, the telephone number, VAT-No., e-mail address, info about what kind of shop you have, your companyīs website.


We donīt collect and store any sensitive information about you. 


Third parties 

We use trusted forwarders (UPS and GLS) to forward goods to our customers. These companies receive data about our customers name, address, phone number and e-mail address. By ordering goods from Handelshuset Vega you agree and accept that we provide the above- mentioned information to the forwarders. 


What do we use our customers data for? 

We use our customerīs data to open and to manage an account, to process orders, to invoice, to forward the goods and to settle our business with you.


We use your e-mail address to send you our newsletters. You can unsubscribe from this service by following the instructions at the bottom of each newsletter or by sending an e-mail to .


How long do we store our customerīs data?

We regard our business relation to a customer as ended, when we havenīt received an order for five years. Hereafter we delete the personal data and the account.


About cookies in our website

When you visit our website a cookie will ask for permission to be placed in the hard drive of your computer or other digital device. Once you agree, the file will be added to your browser. These cookies cannot contain virus and they will be deletet after 7 days. 


When you place an order using our website, you will be asked to fill in a form by writing your name, address, phone No. and e-mail address. A cookie will be used to remember your data for your next purchase. The cookie will automatically be deleted after half a year.


We donīt share the gathered information with third parties. You can reject and delete cookies in your computer by changing the setting of your browser (Google "delete cookies").


Employeeīs personal data 

We collect and store personal data about our employees  in connection with salary payments and contracts. We store the name, address, phone No., the number of the bank account, e-mail address and CPR-number. The data is stored in accordance with the legislation and not longer than necessary. No sensitive personal information is stored and we donīt share the information with third parties.


Your rights 

As our customer or empolyee you have the following fundamental rights:

* The right to access your personal data. You can at any time find out of what information we have registered about you by contacting us at .

* The right to correct your personal data.

* The right to ask us to delete your data. You have the possibility to erase some of your personal   data. According to the bookkeeping legislation we are obliged to keep the data concerning your company stored for five years.

* The right to object. You have the right to ask us to cease processing your personal data. 


In case of data leakage

In case of suspicion of data leakage, a number of initiatives will be launched to ensure the anonymity of our customers and employees. This implies the identification of the extend of the damage, to inform affected customers and employees, to inform competent authorities and to take action that will attempt to minimize the damage.



Please do contact us at if you should have any questions or comments regarding our personal data policy.






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